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Quality Products: High craftsmanship, stylish, and durable!

Affordable Prices—Within Budget!

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To provide our customers access to a finely curated, authentic assortment of products at affordable prices. 



Alice believes a well-accessorized home filled with beautiful home products makes everyone happy, relieves stress, and makes the space the favorite place in the world. She firmly believes you cannot put a price tag on such benefits! She states, "When you appreciate the benefits of having a beautiful living space, you can easily see why This, That & The Other products are must-haves."

Alice has turned her passion for ensuring her customers have access to quality products at affordable prices into her beautiful vision. This That & The Other is not just a business for Alice; customers aren't just another sale; she's passionate about providing quality and affordable products and an incredible customer experience. This vision differentiates This That & The Other from its competitors. Alice personally sources every item available in the store and on the website and won't offer anything that she would not personally buy for herself.

Alice aims to make everyone's shopping experience affordable, convenient, and straightforward. Alice loves to help people make their home their absolute favorite place to be and provides a fantastic shopping experience without breaking the bank!

Alice is 100% hands-on, always open, and available to hear from her customers. Please feel free to reach out to her.

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